September 28, 2016

wine tastingHosting a wine tasting is a great way to promote or increase sales for your boutique or your vineyard. However, the intricacies of proper wine tasting are unknown to the vast majority. This is why Alor Cafe is such an excellent choice of venue for your wine tasting event. Our sommeliers know just how to serve wine for a tasting, as well as the correct procedures for each different type of wine. They are aware of the differences in ideal serving temperature between a Champagne and a Riesling or Sauvignon blanc, as compared to that for a full-bodied Sauvignon or a light Beaujolais. Alor Cafe also has the proper glassware for each variety of wine, and our staff will provide your event with the right glasses to emphasize the bouquet of each wine being served. Our long experience in hosting wine tastings can work for you, so give

Alor Cafe in Staten Island a call today at (718) 351-1101 for more information or questions, or to book a reservation!

At Alor Cafe, We Know Wine

Staten Island’s Alor Cafe employs a staff of seasoned sommeliers who can guide your guests through the finer points of wine tasting. The participants in your gathering will be instructed, if necessary, on the correct way to judge the color of the wine, the swirling in the glassware, appreciating the wine’s bouquet by smell, the right amount of a sip and, last but not least, savoring the wine. With proper guidance, even wine-naive guests can enjoy the blackcurrant and chocolate notes of a fine Cabernet Sauvignon, the black cherry and plum flavors of a Merlot, the cherry, truffles and violets of a Pinot noir, or the peach and honey overtones of a Riesling.

At Alor Cafe, a wine tasting can be both an enjoyable, profitable and educational experience. Call us at (718) 351-1101 today to find out more about hosting a wine tasting event at Alor Cafe, or visit our contact page to place a reservation!

Atmosphere As Sublime As the Wine

Alor Cafe in Staten Island has hosted dozens of wine tasting events in our distinguished history, and we know that not only do you have to serve great wine, but also create the right mood for the proper appreciation of fine wine. So if you’ll bring the wine, we’ll supply the mood! An atmosphere of calm and relaxation, perfect for enjoyment and concentration on the wine itself, is what we strive to provide at Alor Cafe. And we employ only the finest, accredited sommeliers to smooth things along for your guests, no matter their level of wine appreciation.

The first step is to call Alor Cafe at (718) 351-1101 or to visit our event page for more information about hosting your wine tasting at our restaurant. You can also book a reservation over the phone or via our contact page. The staff and sommeliers at Alor Cafe are waiting for your call, so don’t delay!

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