October 31, 2014


If you love the sound of music coming out of instruments and not speakers, then keep reading because you are in for an awesome treat and read. For the best live music in Staten Island, you will have to visit Alor Cafe located on 2110 Richmond Road, 10306. Every Friday night starting at 8PM and every Saturday night starting at 8PM as well, various professional artists and bands perform live within the new American style restaurant. One weekend you can listen to Jerry Botte and Joan Caddell & The Midnight Choir. The next weekend, Bianco Martinis and The RedBank Blues Band. And another weekend, Ray Scro and Queen Tipcy. You’ll never have a boring weekend with Alor Cafe’s entertainment. The restaurant has strong commitments to being diverse and to staying refreshingly new. And the commitments to diversity and to refreshing newness is not only found in its entertainment selection, but also in its dinner menu.

The treat that I mentioned to you at the beginning of this article is not just limited to great live music, but it extends to mouth watering food and delicious drinks. The best spot for live music in Staten Island, Alor Cafe offers a dinner menu filled with traditional recipes that have taken a unique twist. Many customers have considered the restaurant’s food and drinks menu a fantastic addition to the live music because who doesn’t love to enjoy good music with mouth watering food and delicious drinks? Shrimp Fonduta, Beef Ragu Pappardelle, and Barramundi are just a few in a wonderful selection of dinner entrees you can get.

Treat your ears to the sound of music coming from instruments and real voices, not that auto-tune stuff. Treat your taste buds to something worth remembering and going back to for a second or third time. Treat yourself, your loved ones, or your friends. Come visit Alor Cafe for the best live music in Staten Island, and enjoy a superb dinner menu while you’re there.

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