September 28, 2016

small party private roomAre you planning on hosting a small party and need a private room for your guests? Alor Cafe in Staten Island has the best private rooms in the borough, and we will happily provide one for your party. The relaxed and intimate air of a private room can help create the proper ambience for a small gathering, and our private rooms can be modified with custom lighting and furniture arrangements to perfect the occasion. Beyond the room itself, you doubtless want a venue that has excellent food, which is where Alor Cafe’s dinner and banquet menus really let us shine. Drinks are also a point of pride with us, as we have a well-stocked bar, an excellent wine cellar and a staff of bartenders professionally trained in mixology. And last but not least, event planners employed by Alor Cafe can assist you in every aspect of small party planning, up to and including hiring professional entertainment.

A private room for your small party at Alor Cafe is waiting for you, so call us at (718) 351-1101 to place a reservation!

A Menu Fit For a King

Alex Orman, the chef at Alor Cafe, has more than twenty years’ experience in creating the finest menus with the most delectable dishes to be found anywhere. His creations span a wide range from exotic concoctions to time-tested favorites, and his culinary expertise can take your small party to the next level. For small parties, Alex can bring out a variety of dishes for a “tasting party,” in which your guests can sample everything that we offer — and if a guest is particularly taken with a dish, our kitchen staff will be glad to prepare a full-sized portion for them. Another option for parties of more than 10 persons is a banquet menu in which, for a fixed price per person, you can select a number of appetizers, entrees, desserts and a salad to be served to all your guests. The appetizers include vegetable spring rolls, a Mediterranean platter with hot pita and a number of dips, and roasted Brava potatoes. Entrees can be chosen from among a creamy mushroom linguine, a number of savory dinner crepes, marinated chicken in a silky curry sauce, and coq au vin with potato wedges (just to name a few).

Visit our menu page to view the full array of options available from Staten Island’s best small party venue, or call (718) 351-1101 to book a reservation for your private room today!

Put a Special Sparkle on Your Small Party

A private room with an atmosphere that’s warm and intimate may be all that some small parties require — along with the fine food and drinks provided at Staten Island’s Alor Cafe. But other gatherings will want to liven up the ambience with professional entertainment. An event planner from Alor Cafe can help you procure just the right je ne sais quoi for your small party. Our roster of professional musicians is second to none, with a wide range of soloists and live bands to help create the mood in your private room. Or if you really want to get down, we can even hire a DJ and set up a dance floor for you!

Anything and everything can be accommodated at Alor Cafe, so don’t hesitate to phone us at (718) 351-1101 to find out what we can do to make your small party a wild success!

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