September 28, 2016

small event restaurant venueIf you’re trying to choose a small event restaurant, you likely have several major concerns. Naturally the food at the venue will need to appeal to all your guests’ palates, cocktails should be numerous and plentiful, and the atmosphere should be attuned to the type of event you’re hosting. At Staten Island’s Alor Cafe, all of these considerations and more will be attended to by our professional event planners and conscientious, responsive service staff. We can accommodate groups of up to 35 for an enjoyable, memorable event. We provide a full and delightful banquet menu, our bartenders mix great cocktails as well as pouring fine wines and excellent beers, and we can customize lighting, furniture arrangements and overall atmosphere of our restaurant to suit your small event restaurant needs. If required, we can even provide entertainment for your gathering.

If you’re planning a small event, you owe it to yourself to find out what Alor Cafe can provide. Call us at (718) 351-1101 to learn more or to book a reservation today!

The Best Service, The Best Menu In Staten Island

Alor Cafe has the best restaurant with the best menu in all of Staten Island. Alex Orman, our chef of over twenty years’ experience, can provide a “tasting party” menu in which your guests can try a little bit of everything that we offer. If a guest is particularly taken with one dish, the kitchen will happily prepare a full-sized portion of the comestible in question. Additionally, for events with ten guests or more (our venue can handle up to 35), we have a prix fixe banquet menu that you can customize to the tastes or dietary requirements of all your guests. Our salads range from the traditional Cobb and Caesar salads to more exotic items like pear and apple salad, or Asian chicken salad. Our appetizers also range from potato and pasta items to the vegetarian grilled vegetables Pappardelle, or even savory tarts and Tuscan flatbread. Entrees such as dinner crepes, beef ribs, Cornish hens and duck confit are available for you to choose from. And no dinner would be complete without a comprehensive dessert menu — your guests can choose from cheesecakes and mousse cakes, ice cream desserts and gelatos.

Call us for more information or to place a reservation at (718) 351-1101 today!

Comprehensive Event Planning for Your Gathering

At Alor Cafe, no event is too small for us to devote all our energies and experience in event planning to. We’re proud to be the best small event restaurant in Staten Island, and if you’re going to be hosting an event, we hope that you’ll let us show you why. While we’re understandably proud of our fine dinner menu, we offer far more than just food. A long list of entertainment is available for you to choose live bands or musicians, to play any kind of music to accompany your event. If your event calls for something more casual or modern, we can hire a professional DJ and open up a dance floor for your guests. We also employ experienced lighting designers and venue managers to customize the atmosphere to perfectly suit your gathering.

Let us impress you — book a reservation at Alor Cafe in Staten Island. Call us at (718) 351-1101 or visit our contact page to get in touch with us today!

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