September 28, 2016

rehearsal dinner restaurantA rehearsal dinner for a wedding is meant to put everyone’s mind at rest as to their preparedness for the actual ceremony — yet the process of selecting a restaurant for said rehearsal dinner can be stressful in and of itself. Staten Island’s Alor Cafe is the best rehearsal dinner venue on the island, with a tempting banquet menu, a professional and experienced staff, and a calm, comforting atmosphere to let the participants relax and even enjoy the rehearsal for the wedding. Rehearsal dinners are a specialty of ours at Alor Cafe, and our event planners have extensive experience in creating rehearsal dinners that feel like a festive, enjoyable event rather than a harrowing chore.

Call Alor Cafe’s professional staff today at (718) 351-1101 to book a reservation or to let us answer any questions you might have about Staten Island’s number one rehearsal dinner restaurant!

A Rehearsal Dinner Restaurant With a Great Menu

Naturally, a wedding rehearsal dinner is going to be mostly about the wedding itself. But that’s no reason to ignore the word “dinner” in “rehearsal dinner.” Your guests and participants in the wedding rehearsal have to eat, too, and that’s where Alor Cafe in Staten Island really shines. Alex Orman, our consummate professional chef, has more than twenty years in the restaurant business and you can leverage that experience to make sure that your guests remember the dinner as much as the parts they have to play in the wedding. The banquet menu at Alor Cafe can accommodate as many as 35 people, and allows you to select from a pre-determined list of salads, appetizers, entrees and desserts. The family-style salad course can be Caesar, Cobb or tomato mozzarella caprese, and you can choose from among our delicious appetizers including crispy vegetable rolls, pita and hummus, cheesy roasted potatoes, and Tuscan flatbread. Entrees are served individually and range from a variety of dinner crepes to penne pasta and linguine, vegetarian Pappardelle, and a chicken steak served with a mushroom Cabernet sauce. Finally, Alor Cafe is no slouch at desserts, allowing each guest to select from cheesecake, mousse cakes or a selection of scrumptious gelatos! Custom requests or modifications to the listed dishes can be accommodated as well.

The phone number for Alor Cafe is (718) 351-1101, and we can provide more information about our rehearsal dinners or take reservations any time!

Rehearsal Dinners Are Only Part of Our Repertoire

While Alor Cafe takes pride in being the best rehearsal dinner venue in Staten Island, that’s not all we can provide. How about a venue for a bridal shower, bachelor or bachelorette party? The staff at Alor Cafe has long experience in providing appropriate atmosphere, delicious banquet-style meals and tasting parties in our restaurant, and naturally cocktails, beers and wines to smooth along any event! Our menus and our bartenders’ repertoires are the best in Staten Island and we want to prove it to you and your guests!

We can take a reservation for any event you can think of at (718) 351-1101 or via our contact page. Contact us today for all your private party needs!

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