September 28, 2016

private room in the restaurantIf you’re going to be having a party or other gathering and want to make it seem that much more intimate and exclusive, why not book a private room in the restaurant? Staten Island’s Alor Cafe can provide your group with a room closed off from the public to ensure that your exclusive gathering stays that way, without interruptions or interlopers. And a private room in the restaurant means more than just privacy and exclusivity — our staff and event planners can customize every part of the experience in order to take your party to the next level. We can change up the furniture arrangements, modify the lighting to your taste, hire entertainment — whatever your gathering needs from a private room in the restaurant.

Our menus, bartenders and sommeliers are the best in Staten Island, and you can have them all to yourself for a night with a private room in the restaurant. Call us today at (718) 351-1101 to book a room for your party right away!

Menus and Cocktails to Suit Your Occasion

Alor Cafe boasts the best and most comprehensive menus for any occasion in Staten Island. Our excellent and experience chef, Alex Orman, is a seasoned veteran of the restaurant industry with over two decades of experience in designing exceptional dishes to complement any event. If your party prefers traditional American fare, we can tempt your taste buds with appetizers like meatballs in mole sauce, pierogis and wings, entrees such as beef brisket, lamb and our famous hamburgers, Cobb and Caesar salads, and a wide variety of desserts. Or, if your guests are feeling more adventurous, we can serve up dishes like zucchini brûlée and duck spring rolls for appetizers, our famous savory crepes in myriad styles for an entree, and more interesting salads like Asian chicken or red quinoa!

And when it comes to cocktails, our bartenders are second to none in Staten Island, with a mixed drink repertory that truly shines and will astound you with its thoroughness. Find out more about Alor Cafe and book a private room in the restaurant by calling (718) 351-1101 post haste!

A Private Room Plus Something Else

In the (very possible) even that your occasion needs more than just a private room in the restaurant, great food and drinks, and a soothing, intimate atmosphere, Staten Island’s Alor Cafe has got you covered. We’re ready to give your party that special something, with a long list of entertainers and musicians to liven up the atmosphere with music and other entertainment. We’ve got the biggest roster of solo musicians and full live bands in the borough. Or, for parties that really want to party, we can provide an open bar, a professional DJ and a dance floor to keep the party moving until late. We can handle anything and everything for guests who want to book a private room in the restaurant, and event planners are ready to assist you with every aspect of your gathering.

Call us at (718) 351-1101 right away to discover what we can bring to the table for your party. And reservations can be booked over the phone or by visiting our contact page. Phone up Alor Cafe today!

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