Bachelorette Party Staten IslandA bachelorette party is a rite of passage as much as it is a party. The event marks a woman’s transition from a single independent lifestyle into the commitments of the married life. Congratulations, now let the partying begin! At Alor Cafe, we are committed to working with the bachelorette party planner in bringing ideas to life. Bachelorette parties are more than just drinking and sexuality because in recent years, this sort of event has become a lot more creative. Here are a few ideas to spark your interest in booking a bachelorette party with us.

Tasting Party with Executive Chef Alex Orman: Alor Cafe is well-known for its unique twist on traditional recipes and its wholesome non-GMO and non-MSG meals, and this is all thanks to Chef Orman’s twenty years of professional culinary experience. You’ll definitely discover a new part of your taste-buds with our delicious dishes! The bachelorette and her guests don’t have to settle for one entree. They can have it a piece of everything, and if a guest find a particular dish that he or she would love to enjoy thoroughly, then we’ll make a dinner sized portion of the dish for that guest!

Party with Live Music: Alor Cafe is the #1 musical venue in Staten Island. If you, the party planner wish to book a professional band for the bachelorette party, then we’ve got you covered as we have a list of awesome musicians and bands that can play whatever music desired for the party! Live music is a perfect addition for any idea you may have.

Dinner Party: Top quality service and an exceptional dining experience, all within a fantastic atmosphere are the things the bachelorette and her guests can expect from Alor Cafe. Our servers will go the extra length to accommodate all the bachelorette’s and guests’ needs because top quality service means not having to worry about anything, but another drink or another slice of cake. Have your cake and eat it, too. And speaking of food and drinks, Alor Cafe is famous for its wholesome non-GMO and non-MSG meals which has made it the best food in Staten Island. Lastly, take that five-star quality service and food and drinks to a pleasant atmosphere, and you have unforgettable night.

The bachelorette and her guests deserve the best, so contact us today at (718)351-1101 or visit our Contact Us page, and we’ll work with you to the best of our abilities to bring the best bachelorette party in Staten Island. Check out our fantastic Private Party Menu.

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