September 28, 2016

live music restaurantAlor Cafe has become well known throughout Staten Island as the number one live music venue in the neighborhood! We’ve got a number of bands with a residency at our restaurant, as well as other performers who drop by for the occasional show. Just about every genre of music is represented in the bands who play gigs at Alor Cafe, from ambient to zydeco and everything in between. We also have a number of professional musicians and live bands “on call” to play engagements at private parties. Whatever your taste in music, whether it be jazz music or rock music, hip-hop or speed metal — or anything else, we’re sure you’ll find something to like in our lineup of live music.

More information about our live music schedule can be found on our events page. Our restaurant’s phone number is (718) 351-1101, and we’re ready to take your reservation for a night of live music!

New Bands and Local Favorites at Alor Cafe

At Staten Island’s best live music restaurant, Alor Cafe, we take pride in booking great live bands to entertain our treasured customers. Almost every Friday and Saturday night, our restaurant is graced with the presence of a professional band or musician to get everyone into a cheerful, uptempo mood. Just in September 2016, we have been fortunate enough to host Wishing On Stars, Queen Tipsy, the Blue Meanies, Today’s Special and Shawn Rhoades. What’s more, every Monday night we have Miss Meli’s Open Mic Night, for anyone who wants to show off a little bit and strut their stuff. If you want to hear great live music in Staten Island, head down to Alor Cafe on Richmond Road.

You can take a look at our events page to see what’s coming up at our live music restaurant, or call us at (718) 351-1101 to find out who’s coming to play at Alor Cafe. Come down and join us for the best live music experience in Staten Island!

Enjoy Great Food and Drinks With Your Music

Our live music lineup is admittedly phenomenal, but that doesn’t mean we want you to forget that Staten Island’s Alor Cafe, the number one live music restaurant in Staten Island, is in fact a restaurant. So while you’re enjoying the musical ministrations of one of our superb live musicians, we’ll be glad to serve up appetizers and entrees that go perfectly with the atmosphere and the music that night. From simple offerings like guacamole with pita chips, meatball sliders and stuffed potato skins, to exotic creations like our crispy vegetable spring rolls, the joy of watching a live band can only be enhanced by excellent food! And don’t forget about drinks — because we certainly haven’t! We have a fully-stocked bar with professional bartenders who can pour your favorite beer, recommend a fine wine, or mix up and cocktail you might have in mind — from traditional favorites like that Moscow Mule, the Cuba libre or screwdriver, to one of our signature concoctions like the white chocolate truffle martini!

Visit Alor Cafe for the greatest live music experience you’ll find anywhere in Staten Island. Call (718) 351-1101 to book a table today!

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