September 28, 2016

holiday party restaurantAs a long-standing restaurant in Staten Island, Alor Cafe has years of experience in facilitating excellent holiday parties. Our trained and professional staff will provide food and drink appropriate to the occasion, as dictated by your preference in appetizers, cocktails, entrees and desserts. Our chef has over twenty years of experience in culinary excellence and can accommodate special requests as well as providing a standard prix fixe menu. (Visit our private party menu page for our standard options.) Entertainment can be hired by our party planners if so desired, and all of our staff will work together to create a fun, festive and memorable holiday party atmosphere.We provide a full and delicious menu with non-GMO and non-MSG meals, with traditional items as well as dishes with a twist!

Find out more, or make a reservation by calling (718) 351-1101 or by visiting our contact page! For all of your holiday party needs, Alor Cafe is the holiday party venue for you!

Fine Food for Your Holiday Party

Alor Cafe boasts the best holiday party menu in Staten Island. Our restaurant offers a standard party plan with a configurable menu: choose two appetizers, three entrees, a dessert and a salad served family-style. Appetizers include traditional options such as flatbread and roasted potatoes, as well as more exotic choices like pasta with chicken and chorizo, or a flaky tart filled with vegetables and a goat cheese sauce. Salads range from Caesar and Cobb to Asian chicken and fennel pear! And our dessert menu features crepes, cakes, ice creams and gelato. Or, as an alternative to a prix fixe menu, we offer a “tasting party” designed by our chef, Alex Orman. Chef Orman has over twenty years’ experience in haute cuisine, and a tasting party will allow your group to sample a bit of everything to find the appetizer or entree they like best, and then to order a full-sized portion of their choice. All of our menu options are non-GMO and free of MSG, with options for vegetarians and vegans as well as Kosher and Halal choices.

Find out more about Chef Orman’s exquisite creations by visiting our menu page or by calling us at (718) 351-1101!

More Than Just a Holiday Party Restaurant

While supremely important, the food is only one consideration when choosing a holiday party venue. That’s why Alor Cafe is the number-one venue for live music in Staten Island. We have a comprehensive list of bands and musicians to choose from, who can play any type of music desired to make the atmosphere of your holiday party complete! We can also enlist the services of a professional DJ and open up a dance floor if you want a holiday party with a banging’ beat. And our bartenders, with a full repertoire of tempting cocktails, fine wines and beers, will help keep the party going as long as your guests want!

We want your holiday party to be a success that will be remembered among your friends and family for years to come, so call us today at (718) 351-1101 to book a reservation or to have answered any questions you might have!

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