September 28, 2016

group open barAre you planning a group event or private party, and need a venue that can accommodate your guests with an open bar? If so, you’ll want to check out Staten Island’s Alor Cafe! We have a fully stocked bar and experienced, mixology-trained bartenders who can supply any cocktail your guests may desire. Whether it’s a dinner party, birthday party, bridal reception or shower, any event at all, it’s bound to be better with a group open bar. Alor Cafe’s bartenders mix the newest, trendiest cocktails as well as venerable old favorites. And for those who don’t feel in the cocktail mood, we have scotches, bourbons, whiskies, a great selection of both imported and domestic beers, and wines from Merlot to Shiraz to Chardonnay to Riesling. Come see why Alor Cafe’s group open bar is so well thought of in Staten Island!

Our phone number is (718) 351-1101, and our staff will be happy to take down a reservation or answer any questions or concerns you might have. Ring us up to find out more today!

A Veritable Cornucopia of Cocktails

Everybody’s got a favorite cocktail, and Alor Cafe can mix up pretty much anything according to the preferences or simple whims of your guests. If one of your guests has an idiosyncratic personal favorite, our bartenders will know how to mix it right up. Or if your guests want to try the latest and greatest in cocktail fashion, the mixologists at Staten Island’s Alor Cafe keep themselves well apprised of the most recent cocktail trends. Whether someone prefers a Sidecar or a white chocolate truffle Martini, a fruit-infused Moscow Mule or an “old-fashioned” gin Martini, we can furnish every guest with the professionally mixed cocktail they most enjoy. Frozen drinks can be made at Alor Cafe as well — daiquiris and piña coladas are no problem for us. Even complicated, near-forgotten tiki bar classics like Mai Tais and Singapore Slings are part of our bartenders’ repertoires. We’ve got the number one group open bar in Staten Island, and we strive to impress with our consummate knowledge of cocktails!

Call us today at (718) 351-1101 to place a reservation or for more information!

Cocktails Are Great, But…

If your guests decide they’d like to indulge in something less complicated than cocktails, Alor Cafe is no slouch in this department either. Our bartenders pour a wide variety of beers, from Trappist ales to local microbrews, Belgian whites to craft beers, and we’ve also got domestic favorites on tap! And for wine lovers, we keep a well-stocked wine cellar with both young and old wines, from well-aged Merlots, Bordeaux and Cabernets to saucy Rieslings and light-bodied Chardonnays. Our sommeliers will be happy to suggest a wine to suit any or all of your guests’ palates. And of course we mustn’t forget younger guests or those who don’t drink alcohol — Alor Cafe has a fine menu of virgin cocktails and a variety of soft drinks as well.

Call Alor Cafe in Staten Island at (718) 351-1101, or visit our contact page to book a reservation today!

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