September 28, 2016

coctail party restaurantIf you’ve got a cocktail party in the works, you want to find a venue with a comprehensive bar menu and great bartenders to mix everyone’s favorites. Beyond that, a restaurant that provides excellent snacks and appetizers is a must to keep the cocktail party afloat. At Alor Cafe in Staten Island, we employ only the best bartenders, professionally trained in mixology. Their repertoire extends from old favorites to the newest trends in cocktails. Our restaurant also naturally has a great selection of whiskies, bourbons, scotches, wines both young and old, and a vast selection of the best beers in town.

See for yourself why Alor Cafe is the best cocktail party restaurant in Staten Island — call (718) 351-1101 today or visit our contact page to consult with our staff about any questions or concerns you might have, or to book a reservation!

Cocktails Old and New For Any Taste

Depending on the preferences, age or personal idiosyncrasies of your guests, they may choose to indulge in a wide variety of cocktails, from the bleeding edge of mixology to the old and fondly remembered. A person hearkening back to a simpler time may wet their lips on the venerable Old Fashioned, perhaps the simplest of all cocktails: whisky, bitters, a splash of simple syrup and ice. Or if your guests are more conscious of recent cocktail trends, a Moscow Mule variant (changing up the standard recipe of vodka, lime and ginger beer with one or more additional ingredients) or a fancy new frozen cocktail (absinthe coladas, or a variety of flavored daiquiris) may be right up their alley. We also offer a wide variety of martini variants, from apple to chocolate to lemon and everything in between, as well as a classic gin martini that will knock your socks off. Alor Cafe is the number one cocktail party restaurant in all of Staten Island and our bartenders and cocktail menu will impress even the most jaded of cocktail fans.

Call us at (718) 351-1101 for questions or to make a reservation for your cocktail party!

Besides Cocktails, Another Fine Selection

While we call it a “cocktail party,” your guests may decide at some point to switch to something lighter. That’s why in addition to our impressive variety of cocktails, Staten Island’s Alor Cafe has a wide selection of wines and beers for your guests to choose from. Whether your wine of choice is a stately Cabernet or a just-born Riesling, a fruity Shiraz or a sprightly Beaujolais Nouveau, Alor Cafe can offer wines both old and young for your guests to sip and enjoy. And when it comes to beers, nobody can beat the selection of draft and bottled beers at Alor Cafe. We keep a healthy stock of imports, craft beers, Trappist ales and Belgian white beers, as well as American draft favorites! Check out our wine and beer list to see why Alor Cafe is the cocktail party restaurant for every palate and every guest!

Phone Alor Cafe at (718) 351-1101 or visit our contact page to make a reservation today!

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