September 28, 2016

business lunch restaurantStaten Island’s Alor Cafe is famous throughout the borough for its phenomenal lunch and brunch offerings. If you need a venue to hold a business meeting over lunch or brunch, we’re always ready to with lunch specials and a brunch menu to make your meeting a success. We have an amazing array of dishes available for brunches and lunches, from hearty soups to fresh salads, a wide variety of appetizers sure to please, and of course, a selection of fabulous entrees including sandwiches, our famous savory crepes, and pasta dishes as well! And if you’re in the mood for brunch, our egg dishes (like an assortment of gourmet omelets and other classic breakfasts) and heartier entrees (like schnitzel and steak) round out our food offerings along with a selection of cocktails both light and heavy, for once you’re done discussing business and are ready to enjoy the rest of the day.

Our restaurant is perfect for a business lunch or brunch, so call us today at (718) 351-1101 to make your reservation!

An Exquisite Array of Business Lunch Specials

At Alor Cafe in Staten Island, we’re justifiably proud of our delightful and wonderfully varied lunch specials. Where else on the island can you find a tandoori chicken crepe on the menu right next to tuna salad fajitas? Start off your business lunch with one of our salads — Greek or Cobb salad if you’re feeling like an old favorite, or perhaps a fresh apple salad with raspberry vinaigrette or a poached pear salad with double cream Brie and a maple dressing? Moving along to appetizers, your choices span from meatball toast and stuffed potato skins to more unusual offerings such as crispy vegetable spring rolls with a guava dipping sauce, or a chunky corn and bacon guacamole served with pita chips. We have a similarly varied array of lunch special sandwiches, such as a chicken avocado club sandwich, the Piadina with Fontina cheese, prosciutto, mixed greens and pesto, or a fish sandwich with roasted tomato and smoky mayonnaise!

All these options and still more are available at our restaurant for your business lunch, and we’ll be happy to reserve your table if you call us at (718) 351-1101!

…Or Perhaps A Business Brunch

If you’re meeting earlier in the morning, a business brunch may be in order — like the brunch specials offered at Alor Cafe. We’re proud to present you with a dazzling spread of options for brunch, starting with a variety of egg dishes. We have omelets (including the gourmet crab and asparagus omelets), a traditional breakfast with eggs, home fries and a house salad, and eggs Benedict (both the traditional version and a “Norwegian eggs Benedict” that substitutes smoked salmon for Canadian bacon). For a heartier entree, perhaps we can entice you with an early steak (served with a fried egg and Brava potatoes) or a breakfast chicken schnitzel? Or you might enjoy a Black Forest ham crepe, served with melted Swiss cheese and scrambled eggs. Those in the mood for something sweeter are in luck too, as we have a number of sweet dishes on offer like our carrot cake French toast, and a mixed berry crepe topped with whipped cream and berry sauce.

We have something to please everyone with our brunch specials — there’s no better business brunch restaurant in Staten Island! Reserve your table today — call Alor Cafe at (718) 351-1101!

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