September 28, 2016

bridal shower restaurantA bridal shower is an important event in the lead-up to a marriage — as important if not more so than a bachelorette party. Alor Cafe in Staten Island has over twenty years of experience crafting exquisite bridal showers that will live on in the memories of bride and friends alike! Our event planners and restaurant staff will create the perfect atmosphere for gift-giving and celebration of the soon-to-be bride’s union. We can assist you in designing a bridal shower that won’t soon be forgotten: we can hire entertainment and photographers, design custom lighting and furniture arrangements, and suggest a menu that everyone will enjoy! Our bridal shower venue can accommodate up to 35 people, so no matter how large or small your event, a bridal shower at Alor Cafe will be perfect for you!

Our phone number is (718) 351-1101, and we’ll be happy to advise you any time as to our offerings for a gorgeous bridal shower that both bride-to-be and guests will remember as long as they live!

The Perfect Atmosphere For a Bridal Shower

Planning a bridal shower can be a hectic and stressful undertaking. Will all the guests get along? Is there someone you’ve forgotten to invite — someone whose absence the bride-to-be will notice? Will everyone’s gifts be appropriate and sufficient unto the day? All of these questions and more can keep you awake at night wondering, hoping that everything will go off without a hitch. What you don’t need is to worry about the bridal shower venue itself — that is, if you select Alor Cafe as the venue and restaurant for the bridal shower. The staff at Alor Cafe has years upon years of experience in designing bridal showers both lavish and understated, in a warm, comforting and loving atmosphere that’s perfect for a bridal shower. If you prefer a bridal shower that will make everyone want to get up and dance, Alor Cafe can hire a band and open up a dance floor for you. Conversely, if you want a laid-back, soothing event for the soon-to-be bride, we can design custom lighting and arrangements for your party.

Anything and everything can be handled at Staten Island’s Alor Cafe, so call (718) 351-1101 to make a reservation — and make Alor Cafe your bridal shower venue!

A Menu for All Seasons and Preferences

Alor Cafe takes great pride in being the best restaurant in Staten Island for a wonderful bridal shower. Our chef has over twenty years of experience creating the most delicious concoctions for any and all occasions. Our fixed-price private party menu allows you to select from a variety of appetizers, salads, entrees and desserts, and if there’s something from our regular menu that you’d like to have served at the bridal shower, we will be happy to accommodate your request. The menu includes vegetarian and vegan options as well as choices for those who love their meat.

We think we’re the best bridal shower venue in Staten Island and we would love to prove it to you! Call (718) 351-1101 for more information and to make a reservation for your bridal shower!

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