September 28, 2016

baby shower restaurantWhen planning a baby shower, you naturally want everything to be perfect and fulfilling for the mother-to-be as well as the guests. That’s why you should choose Alor Cafe as your baby shower venue. Our restaurant can accommodate both small and large parties, up to 35 people. In addition to excellent customer service, delicious entrees and delightful drinks (including non-alcoholic cocktails for the expecting mother), we provide a comfortable and casual atmosphere to ensure a memorable baby shower. We have a full and mouth-watering menu, professional and responsive staff, and phenomenal cocktails and beers to make sure everything goes smoothly for your baby shower party, from the presentation of gifts to the photographs taken of your perfect baby shower courtesy of Alor Cafe. You bring the presents, let us provide everything else!

Find out more about what makes Alor Cafe the venue of choice for baby showers in Staten Island by calling us at (718) 351-1101 or by visiting our contact page. We provide the best baby showers in the borough — contact us today to find out why!

Magnificent Menus for Mothers-To-Be

At Alor Cafe, we provide a superb menu selection for private parties such as baby showers. Our restaurant has a prix fixe menu from which you can choose appetizers, entrees, salads, and desserts. (See our menu page for the specific menu items we offer for private parties.) Private celebrations of up to 35 people can enjoy Alor Cafe as the best baby shower venue in Staten Island. Whether your tastes run to pasta or potatoes, if you have vegetarians or vegans in your party, or if you prefer Cobb salad to Caesar, apple salad over beets, Alor Cafe can craft a menu specifically suited to your tastes (and that of the mother to be). We can hire photographers, adjust the seating to your needs, design lighting and even hire a band if desired.

At Alor Cafe, we thrive on giving our guests the baby shower experience of their dreams. Give us a call at (718) 351-1101 to find out more or to make a private party reservation!

Expect Only the Best With a Baby Shower at Alor Cafe

Both expecting and expectant mothers will be thrilled with your choice of Alor Cafe for your baby shower venue. That’s because our staff will cater to your every need, for the baby shower of the soon-to-be mom’s dreams. Our experience in designing and delivering baby shower perfection can work for you! Your guest of honor will love our restaurant’s menu, complete with exceptional appetizers and succulent entrees for her dining pleasure. Up to 35 people can be accommodated in Alor Cafe’s baby shower venue, so there’s no need to worry about the length of the guest list. Alor Cafe in Staten Island will strive to create the perfect, intimate yet relaxing environment for celebrating the impending bundle of joy, for the presentation of gifts to the mother-to-be, and making memories to last a lifetime.

If you want the perfect baby shower for your friend or relative, dial (718) 351-1101 today to find out just what Alor Cafe can do for you!

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