October 31, 2014

alor-750When you’re planning to book a party hall in Staten Island, the first question you should always ask is “Why should I choose you?” And if the response is “We have great food, professional staff, and we guarantee you and your guests will have a wonderful time,” then you need to leave because that response is generic among many party halls in Staten Island. If you want to book an ordinary party hall that provides the standard service, then you don’t need to commit time to research because you can find that anywhere in Staten Island. However, if you want to book a different kind of party hall that would stand out among the dozens that Staten Island has to offer, then you’ll want to contact Alor Cafe, located on 2110 Richmond Road in Staten Island. There are two key reasons that makes Alor Cafe an ideal choice for a unique party hall experience.

Key Reason #1: Alor Cafe is Staten Island’s number one musical venue. When you book Alor Cafe’s party hall services, you will be presented with a list of professional musicians that can play live music at your event. Instead of hiring a DJ, which nearly every party hall service in Staten Island would offer, opt for a professional band playing their unique covers of your favorite music. You and your guests can record videos, take photos, and enjoy a beautiful ambiance that only the sound of real music can produce!

Key Reason #2: Alor Cafe is considered one of Staten Island’s best restaurants. Alor Cafe’s Executive Chef, Alex Orman has over twenty years of professional culinary experience. His ltove and passion for the culinary arts ensures that you and your guests will enjoy an array of mouth watering entrees and heavenly tasting desserts. If you want to treat your guests to something truly extraordinary, then you’ll want the catering services Alor Cafe has to offer. Want to know more about what we mean by extraordinary? Just take a look at our restaurant menu!

Of course, aside from providing top tier professional musicians and five-star quality food, we also provide everything you’ll need for a successful and memorable party or special event. Our servers, bartenders, and staff will do everything humanly possible to ensure that you and your guests are well taken care of. And our event space can ensure that you and your guests have a warm and pleasant time.

For more information about Alor Cafe’s party hall services, please contact us at 718-351-1101! It’s time to book a different kind of party hall.

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